The Next Four Years

Being elected to serve our community is a privilege. With this privilege comes responsibility. The United Community Party values that. We listen to you and make hard decisions on your behalf for the betterment of our community. Over the next four years the United Community Party team will seek to:

Continue to Grow our Fund Balance and Maintain a Good Bond Rating – After years of significant savings from sound operating budgets our cash reserves have grown and our financial outlook is positive.

Community Facilities – In 2022 we added two pavilions to expand shaded areas for our pool guests. We will continue to invest and uphold the long history of the Valley Stream Pool serving the needs of our community and visitors. Maintenance and investment in all our facilities including our Community Center, Library, and future theater, enhances quality of life and the great value of Valley Stream.

Community Services and Responsibilities – Our exceptional services will continue. We make necessary investments in personnel, vehicles, and equipment to maintain and improve services such as garbage collection, snowplowing, street repair and sweeping, and parks maintenance.

Expand the number and kind of events held throughout Valley Stream – We went beyond expanding the Summer concert series at the Village Green and hosted music and dancing at Arlington Park. We are planning for new and more family-oriented events to be held and to also include Barrett Park and Downtown Valley Stream as event locations.